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Faculty Day: Thinking Law Beyond Borders

Thursday, 11 May 2023

This year, the UNI-ETC hosted two thought-provoking panel discussions with renowned experts and academics to explore crucial topics relating to the right to science and the importance of living human rights at universities.

REWI Uni Graz dedicated this year's Faculty Day on 5 May to today's global challenges that considerably affect the world we will live in tomorrow. Leading international and national experts provided exciting insights into common solutions, tomorrow's law, surprising approaches and eye-opening background developments. 

The first panel discussion centered around the right to science and featured distinguished speakers Konstantinos Tararas from UNESCO Paris and Debora Knob from the Austrian Academy of Sciences. During the discourse, Konstantinos Tararas highlighted UNESCO's ongoing efforts to promote the right to science. Debora Knob, representing the Austrian Academy of Sciences, shared insights into the organization's initiatives to foster scientific research while addressing societal challenges. 

The second panel discussion was led by esteemed academic, Prof. Helen Fenwick from Durham University, who explored the theme of "Living Human Rights at Universities." The discussion shed light on the increasingly relevant topic of cancel culture and its impact on academic freedom and the open exchange of ideas. Participants discussed the challenges universities face in navigating the delicate balance between protecting individuals from harm and preserving the fundamental principles of free expression and intellectual discourse.

Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to interact with the speakers and engage in lively discussions, fostering an environment of intellectual exchange and collaborative learning. 

The European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy at the University of Graz wants to thank every speaker and participate for their contributions!

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