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Montag, 22.04.2024

Call for papers: summer workshop "Advancing Human Rights Education in Higher Education: Research, Practice, Impact"

The Global Campus is excited to share with you the attached Call for Papers for a summer workshop titled “Advancing Human Rights Education in Higher…

bunte Häuser von vorne

Dienstag, 26.03.2024

Gemeinsamer Jahresbericht des UNESCO Zentrums und UNESCO Lehrstuhls in Graz ab sofort online!

Das ETC Graz beherbergt das Internationale Zentrum zur Förderung der Menschenrechte in Gemeinden und Regionen unter der Schirmherrschaft der UNESCO.…

Rasmus Grue Christensen accepting our university's human rights prize on behalf of the International Accountability Platform for Belarus

Dienstag, 26.03.2024

Interview: Holding Lukashenko Accountable

If no one is there to document them, crimes against humanity and human rights violations often go unseen and unpunished. In the case of Europe’s last…

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Montag, 25.03.2024

Reminder: second round of the Call for Applications for the EMA academic year 2024/25

The second round of the Call for Applications for the EMA academic year 2024/25 closes on 16th April 2024. Register for a career in Human Rights!

Prof. Oberleitner von vorne

Montag, 25.03.2024

Interview mit Prof. Gerd Oberleitner: Wie schützen wir die Menschenrechte?

Gerd Oberleitner ist Inhaber des UNESCO-Lehrstuhls für Menschenrechte und menschliche Sicherheit sowie Leiter des Europäischen Trainings- und…

Kamilla Galicz in front of the library building, University of Graz

Donnerstag, 29.02.2024

Health Rights on the Move

Kamilla Galicz, visiting fellow from the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa, shares her thoughts on European asylum law and practice, her time in Graz…

REWI Uni Graz, Moot Court, Alexandra Sameño Daurel and Sophia Urban (left to right) pleading in St. Gallen, (c) Uni Graz/Fischer-Lessiak

Mittwoch, 28.02.2024

A Moot Court About Cancel Culture

How to deal with cancel culture in an academic environment in the context of the European Convention on Human Rights? REWI Uni Graz students share…

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Mittwoch, 17.01.2024

E.MA: Call for Applications 2024/2025 / Online Open Day

EMA, the European Master's Programme in Human Rights and Demcratisation, calls for applications for the academic year 2024/2025 and hosts an online…

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Dienstag, 16.01.2024

Join us for the Next Generation Event 2024

Do you see yourself as a future change-maker? Are you part of the next generation of human rights practitioners?

Donnerstag, 21.12.2023

Successful Launch of the Erasmus+ Project “Promoting Academic Freedom in Ukraine“ (FreeAc)

On December 15th 2023 the Erasmus+ project “Promoting Academic Freedom in Ukraine (FreeAc)“ was officially launched during a first online meeting of…

Svitlana Andreichenko

Dienstag, 19.12.2023

Svitlana Andreichenko's impact on research and academic cooperation

Visiting researcher Svitlana Andreichenko holds the Ernst Mach Grant Ukraine and enhances academic cooperation with her research

Pádraig McAuliffe, Wolfgang Benedek and Gerd Oberleitner, (c) Uni Graz/Faller

Montag, 18.12.2023

Book Launch: European Yearbook on Human Rights 2023

On 11 December, in timely proximity to International Human Rights Day, the UNI-ETC launched the newest edition of the European Yearbook on Human…

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