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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Doctoral Program organised and how can I apply as a student?

The Doctoral Program presently has 12 habilitated members. Its elected spokesperson is
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Benedek. In principle, all Ph.D. students of all faculties
can become members of the Doctoral Program. What is required, however,
is a dissertation topic that adresses human rights-related issues.

a) What is expected from me as a participant?

After a successful application, the attendance of the two-term Doctoral Seminar is
obligatory. In this seminar, students are given the possibility to present their
Dissertations or human rights-related parts of them, respectively.

Additionally, the attendance and/or active participation in relevant lectures is
highly welcomed.

b) What can I expect in return?

  • Professional, interdisciplinary input at the highest level
  • Networking and exchange with Ph.D. students from other subjects who work on similar or comparable issues, giving you the possibility to establish (formal or informal) groups for reading and discussion of scholarly literature.
  • Discussion and reflexion of your own approach give you the possibility to increase the quality of your own research and can be helpful as a tool of orientation tackling concrete problems.

c) How can I apply for the Doctoral Program?

Required Documents:

  • CV
  • 2-3 pages outline of the Dissertation project
  • Letter of recommendation from your Dissertation projects's head advisor and from one of the habilitated members of the Doctoral Program.

Are there a kind of grant or scholarship for the Doctoral Program?

It is expectable that a membership in the Doctoral Program facilitates the attainment of scholarships, subventions and project grants.

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