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Universities & Human Rights Cities

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Gerd Oberleitner and Klaus Starl share experiences regarding the role of the university in the human rights city process

UNESCO Chair Gerd Oberleitner and the Director of the International Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights at the Local and Regional Levels, Klaus Starl, participated as speakers in the webinar series “Human Rights Cities”, organised by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency and Human Rights Cities Network (HRCN). The second webinar on 19 June explored the role of universities in Human Rights Cities and was organised in conjunction with the Global Campus of Human Rights. Oberleitner and Starl shared their experiences regarding universities' role in establishing, maintaining and reinforcing human rights city processes. Besides stressing the role of universities as research hubs and clearing houses needed for evidence- and human-rights-based policy making at the local level, they emphasised the potential of academic and educational institutions to foster the establishment of a human rights culture in the city. 20 participants from as many universities in all seven regional human rights master programmes (Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, South-East Europe, Caucasus, Latin-America and the Caribbean and the Arab region) discussed how universities can contribute to promoting human rights in cities.



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