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EUHAP-Outputs: Humanitarian Action Practice Skills

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Professionalizing Humanitarian Assistance

The European Humanitarian Action Partnership (EUHAP) is a collaborative community of humanitarian stakeholders, representing academia, training providers, employers, and employees. The UNI-ETC has been involved in the initiative since 2015. The initiative is primarily concerned with strengthening the professionalization of the humanitarian sector, through exchange of promising practices, improvement of quality and efficiency of education, and exploring the linkages between competencies, occupations and qualifications.

The UNI-ETC herein presents EUHAP’s four primary outputs, each addressing a specific aspect of humanitarian action professionalization, which we hope you will find useful in your work:

  • (1)   The Humanitarian Action Professions maps linkages between competence sets, qualifications and occupations in the humanitarian sector.  
  • (2)   The Humanitarian Action Recognition is toolkit for use by humanitarian organisations (to recruit suitable, well-qualified people who have competencies matching the organisation’s needs), individuals (to develop competencies that are needed in the sector and secure roles that are appropriate to their competency sets) and educators (to provide learning opportunities that enable individuals to develop the competencies that humanitarian organisations need).
  • (3)   The Humanitarian Action Map offers a first-time insight into active humanitarian actors and educators across Europe, sketches out country profiles and identifies themes and developments that shape the sector
  • (4)   Humanitarian Action E-learning presents a set of Humanitarian Learning Activities in the form of Open Educational Resources (OER), which addresses some of the training needs present in the humanitarian sector

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