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Digitale Lernressourcen

Menschenrechte - Online und Open-Source

Untenstehend finden Sie menschenrechtliche Lernmaterialien, Kurse und weitere Angebote unserer Kooperationspartner_innen. Benutzen Sie die jeweiligen Links, um auf die Angebote der jeweiligen Insitution zu gelangen.

Global Campus of Human Rights Resources

What role must human rights play in addressing the persistent challenges of pandemics and other emergencies?

GC Human Rights Preparedness

GC Human Rights Preparedness is an open-access resource based on multi-disciplinary perspectives and contributions from all regions of the world. It is curated by an Editorial Team of academics and experts drawn from the Global Campus network and led by Thérèse Murphy, Queen’s University Belfast and Kalliope Agapiou-Josephides, University of Cyprus.

Gerd Oberleitner contributes to Global Campus of Human Rights flagship initiative

UNESCO Chair Gerd Oberleitner contributes to the new Global Campus of Human Rights flagship open education initiative: the MOOC on Promoting and Protecting Human Rights: a Global Overview. The course provides you with a solid basis to understand, know and stand up for human rights. Module 1 (two classes) focuses on the international framework of human rights promotion and protection and is recommended for all participants, Module 2 (five classes) is dedicated to regional perspectives on the standards, mechanisms, benefits and challenges in five regions of the world: Africa, the Americas, the Arab World, Asia Pacific, and Europe. This module is elective and can be composed of minimum 1 and maximum 5 classes. A free certificate of completion is provided to participants who successfully conclude all 7 classes.

Global Campus of Human Rights MOOC Main Page

Here, you find a wide variety of MOOC open-access resources of different aspects of human rights, for example on Business and Human Rights, Children’s Rights and Technology in the Digital Age or Fundamental Rights of the European Union. The page is continously updated with new content, so make sure to check the site for new content!

Grundrechte in Österreich

Text- und Mediensammlung von Univ.-Prof. (SFU) Dr. Konrad Lachmayer

Auf https://www.grundrechte.at/ finden Sie eine umfangreiche Text- und Mediensammlung, die von Univ.-Prof. (SFU) Dr. Konrad Lachmayer, Vizedekan für Forschung und Universitätsprofessor für Öffentliches Recht, Europarecht und Grundlagen des Rechts an der Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität Wien, kuratiert wird.                                            

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