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International Course: Human Rights Investigation - Fact-finding, documenting and monitoring

Dienstag, 03.07.2018

Interested to participate? Apply now - fellowships available!

UNESCO Observatory Villa Ocampo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 29 October to 2 November 2018


As a part of the international UNESCO category II centers network, the UNI-ETC would like to inform you about a unique opportunity to deepen your practical knowledge on human rights investigation in a course held at Buenos Aires, Argentina:

The international course "Human Rights Investigation - Fact-finding, documenting and monitoring" intends to tackle the particularities and differences that exist among investigation, fact-finding, documenting and monitoring human rights violations (individual or systematic) through case studies and the analysis of new technologies and methodologies.

Investigation in the field of human rights has several purposes, for example: to determine the truth about what happened, to put an end to human rights violations, prevent future abuses, contribute with evidence and information to sanction those responsible or to provide reparations to victims. Each one of these objectives determines and shapes the type of investigation to be carried out, presents particular challenges and should respect specific legal frameworks in order to achieve results.

The course is aimed at professionals with experience in the field of human rights, be they staff of non-governmental and international organizations, officials from national governments, researchers or academics

Period of admission: May 10 to July 10, 2018.
Languages: Simultaneous translation in English and Spanish
Contact: cursointernacional@cipdh.gov.ar

All information HERE

Information on terms and conditions (including fellowships) HERE

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