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INCLUSION Project Meeting in Leuven (BEL)

Mittwoch, 27.06.2018

After laying the strategical foundations and refining theoretical and practical approaches to inclusion at higher education institutions (HEIs), the ERASMUS+ INCLUSION project consortium meets in Leuven, Belgium, to bring the guidelines for inclusive teaching and learning to life in videoclips!

From 27 to 29 of June 2018, the ERASMUS+ INCLUSION project team gathered for a training in the use of media with the aim to reach inclusion goals at universities at UCLL, Leuven, Belgium. To this end, the guidelines for inclusive teaching and learning developed in the project came to life in short video clips ready for dissemination within the universities and beyond.

Experts of the KU Leuven Media team provided overviews of inclusion by blended learning, the use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), practical advise for the use of cameras, screen and vocal recording and the design of course materials.

Spreading the idea of inclusive, non-discriminatory learning environments protecting human dignity of all learners, teachers and other staff at HEIs is at the heart of ERASMUS+ INCLUSION, and by transforming the concepts stemming from the team's research in short, easily accessible pieces of information greatly expands the reach of the project's impact. Also, the training guarantees the sustainability and repeatability of media outreach campaigns at the participating institutions.

The UNI-ETC team contributed to the training in developing a short and focused script together with representatives from the Armenian Ministry for Education and NGO/student union representatives and wants to thank the organisers of KU Leuven - especially Liesbeth Spanjers - for the organisation of the outstanding workshop sessions!

For more information on past meetings and the project as such, see: http://inclusionerasmus.org/

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