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E+INCLUSION: Methodology for Inclusive Teaching and Learning

Mittwoch, 24.07.2019

Toolkit finalized at 2-day workshop at the UNI-ETC, July 2019

Hosted by the Uni-ETC, the ERASMUS + INCLUSION project held a 2-day workshop from July 9 through 10, 2019, to discuss the guidelines on inclusive education and finalize the methodology toolkit on inclusive teaching and learning.

On the first day, Simone Adams, an expert on the e-didactic methods and tools, was invited as a guest speaker, presenting some of the newest developments and best practices in the field. The project’s consortium members also presented summaries of the pilot teaching sessions on inclusive education they held at partner institutions. Additionally, representatives from both Armenian and Bosnian ministries introduced the means of how to circulate the developed national guidelines on inclusive teaching and learning among other universities and stakeholders. The day concluded with a discussion on the self-evaluation reports to be conducted by each consortium partner.

On the second day, the focus was mostly on the inclusive teaching and learning methodology toolkit and its implementation, outlining further steps to be taken at the high school level in order to facilitate a better transition of students from high school to university. Armenian and Bosnian consortium members outlined the planned activities for awareness raising campaigns geared at the academic communities in their respective countries. Finally, as the coordinating institution the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia conducted a meeting to discuss the project’s overall management progress, the first draft of the structure and content of the final conference to be held in September in Yerevan, Armenia, and the dissemination strategy of the project results. The management team also presented the requirements for the final reporting to be conducted at project conclusion.

Find photos of the meeting and more information on E+INCLUSION here.

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