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Doctoral Programme: Human Rights, Democracy, Diversity, and Gender

Mittwoch, 20.02.2019

Human rights touch upon all facets of life - so why just study them from the viewpoint of one disci-pline? Join the Doctoral Programme, where you can explore human rights issues from an interdisci-plinary perspective, with the help of professors and students from five different faculties at the University of Graz.

You can present and discuss your research proposals, preliminary findings and progress to receive intensive feedback and fresh ideas from researchers in a variety of disciplines, including law, social sciences, the humanities, theology, and the natural sciences. An integral part of the Doctoral Programme, the international PhD workshop held every year at EIUC in Venice/Lido gives you the opportunity to share your work and receive feedback from international academics and your own peers from other universities, while also finding out about new and cutting edge research in human rights.


Send a CV and an outline of your dissertation project to bernadette.knauder(at)uni-graz.at
The preparatory meeting for the summer semester will be on March 11, 2019 at 17:00 in SR 19.01 at Elisabethstrasse 50b.

Participating Faculty:

Univ.-Prof. Wolfgang Benedek, Institute of International Law and International Relations, UNI-ETC, REWI | - Coordinator |Univ.-Prof. Hans-Ferdinand Angel, Institut of Catechetics and Religious Education, THEO| Ao.Univ.-Prof. Ursula Athenstaed, Institute of Psychology, NAWI | Univ.-Prof. Christoph Bezemek, Institute of Public Law and Political Science, REWI | Univ.-Prof. Florian Bieber, Centre for Southeast European Studies (CSEES) | Univ.- Prof. Hans-Peter Folz, Institute of European Law, REWI | Univ. Prof. Lukas Meyer, Institute of Philosophy, GEWI |Ao.Univ.-Prof Gerd Oberleitner, Institute of International Law and International Relations,  UNI-ETC, UNECSO Chair on Human Rights and Human Security, REWI | Univ. Prof. Dr. Kerem Öktem, Centre for Southeast European Studies (CSEES) | Ao. Univ.-Prof. Kurt Remele, Institute of Ethics and Social Thought, THEO |Ao.Univ.-Prof. Karin Maria Schmidlechner, Institute of History, GEWI | Ao.Univ.-Prof. Richard Sturn, Institute of Public Economics, SOWI |

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